About Gratz & Associates

People are the cornerstone of any successful venture and can provide an organization with a valuable competitive advantage.

Many leaders seek to create a workplace where people collaborate and focus on business objectives. However, they find understanding people can be difficult and conflict reducing productivity.

We at Gratz & Associates coach leaders to use simple tools that that help:

  • Put people in the right job
  • Coach people and teams for success
  • Provide people opportunities for growth

The result is less conflict and more time spent with people working together effectively. Let us help you create an organization of which you can be proud. Contact us today.

David E. Gratz

David E. Gratz is a Business Consultant and founder of Gratz & Associates, ltd., a firm specializing in leadership and organizational development services. His background includes over 20 years experience in training and organizational development and 20 years in behavioral health rehabilitation.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and earned an Executive MBA from Ashland University.

David believes that developing strength in people and helping them work together is vital to organizational health. As a business consultant, he has worked with numerous organizations, from small businesses to large corporations and specializes in matching people to jobs, developing leaders, and helping organizations become great places to work.

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